Here Are 6 Rare And Unique Eye Colours You Need To Know About


We might see people in different colours but we must not be judgemental. We must be open-minded. However it is hard to determine exactly which eye colour is the rarest, but if you have never seen any of the ones listed below, this is because they’re not common. This list is from the rarest to the more common, and if your eye colour is listed, consider yourself a gem.

While it may seem like only a few people have rare eye colours, the truth is that everyone has a unique colour to them, just like fingerprints. No two people share the same shape or colour of eyes. So even if you have brown eyes, you’re eye colour is unique!


Increased or decreased pigmentation in one iris or part of an iris.


One pupil is larger than the other making one eye look darker.

Red or Pink

Little to no melanin due to albinism.


Lack of melanin mixed with light reflecting off of red blood vessels.


Very little melanin with a high amount of collagen in the stroma.


A little melanin, a large amount of lipochrome, and Rayleigh scattering of light.


Image result for amber eyes

A little melanin with a large amount of lipochrome.


Melanin concentrated in the outer portion of the iris causing a multicoloured appearance that usually ranges from copper to green depending on the light


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