New Music: Vim Up The Hustle With 0-100 Vol2, A Song By Last Born & The Art!

Our music industry over the past few years has adopted the culture of “Quantity over Quality”. 

This is evident because most music lovers these days prefer songs that bang in the club over songs that carry positive vibes.

But here is something, kuulpeeps!

Your ears make ready?

We came across a chune that borsted our brain. Trust us when we say the kick in that chune almost caused some damages to our eardrums.

So 0-100 Vol2″ is the chune we are talking about and its by two budding rappers called Lastborn & The Art.

Whiles bumping to this exceptional chune, we realized how much fun these two artistes had when they were laying those incredible bars on the beat.

The song throws a challenge to not only rappers but to everyone in life to up their game in every hustle.

This is indeed a song for everyone even though it has elements of pure classic hip-pop in it.

We must confess, the beat hard! And kudos to Lastborn for toggling this masterpiece.

Guess what?

The song is accompanied by an amazing visual to seal the deal!

A little birdy whispered into our ears and told us how selfless Marince Omario was when directing the video.

Charley enough of the blaah baah blaaah

HERE is the link to the classic chune.

..and oh, we have the link to the maaad visuals too

Your eye get?


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