Lets Help You Eat Your Way Into A Bigger Butt! Check Out 6 Foods To Incorporate Into Your Diet For That Dream Butt!

We get it. You love yourself and “little booties matter” but it wouldn’t hurt to gain some weight around the backside. Right? Right?

Surgeries are way too expensive (even 50gh chilling money is too expensive… what do you think? *eye roll*) but the right foods can help you build glute muscles and add the right amount of fat to give the lift that your buttocks need.

In as much as exercising can help you gain muscle in your butt, your choice of diet also affects whether or not the exercising is going to do you any good. Buttocks exercises and eating glute-growing foods is one of the most effective strategies to help maximize results.

If you do not eat properly, you will become weak, and your buttocks will sag instead of becoming firm and round aaannnd you don’t want that to happen. Here are foods you should eat to provide the necessary protein, complex carbs and healthy fats to your glutes.

Protein Shakes

There are different protein shakes available on the market. Buy one and add it to water/milk/almond milk and have it 15-20 minutes after your workout session.

Brown rice

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Brown rice provides the perfect balance of complex carbs and protein. Eating it reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, increase muscle protein synthesis, and curtail muscle loss to help balloon your bum.


It contains both slow- and fast-digesting proteins that supply your muscles with a steady stream of amino acids after your workout.


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Fish are loaded with protein and healthy fats (omega-3-fatty acids) especially salmon, tuna, mackerel, anchovies and tilapia. Add them to all meals to get a good dose of protein.


They are highly nutritious, providing plenty of selenium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and phosphorus. Leucine, an amino acid common in eggs, has been shown to stimulate muscle synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown, which may be especially beneficial for increasing the size of your botos.


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This is the time to indulge in “Gob3” paa as it is part of the legume family. Other legumes include lentils, peas, and peanuts. They’re generally high in protein, which can maximize muscle synthesis and boost the growth of your glutes.

As we said earlier, exercising alone without eating well does absolutely nothing but make you weak. You need to eat well and do your squats to get that bum size you’ve always craved for.

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