9 Absolutely Beautiful Bikini Shots Of Sister Deborah That Proves She’s Comfortable In Her Own Skin

She’s our WCW!!!!!

Sister Deborah is easily one of the artistes in Ghana you just cannot hate.

Aside from the fact that she’s been giving us music with very catchy lyrics, has been making us laugh on social media with her replies and tweets and is also a very strong advocator for saving our planet and avoiding plastic waste, there’s one other thing about Sister Deborah that we love completely!!

She’s comfortable in her skin and is super confident!!

If anyone should become the advocator for self-love in Ghana, we choose Sister Deborah!

From all the times that she proved that nosy Ghanaians can suck it, here are all the times Sister Derbie showed she’s comfortable in her skin with these bikini shots!!

We love a CONFIDENT woman who doesn’t mind showing off her amazing body!!

Image result for sister deborah bikini

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Someone tell her we are carrying her babies cos whew!!!!

“Give them!!!!”

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