You Think It’s Just Ghana And Naija? These Are 8 Other Countries That Cook And Love Jollof

Ghanaians and Nigerians have been debating on whose Jollof is the best for so long you’d think the sacred meal is found in only these two countries!

There are a lot of African countries that eat Jollof too!!


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They call it  Thiéboudienne (Fish and Rice) and it’s also referred to as the national dish of Senegal

The Gambia

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They call it Benachin.


Image result for recette du riz au gras

They call their Jollof, recette du riz au gras


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They usually use a lot of vegetables and hot peppers when making their Jollof.


Image result for mali jollof rice

They call it zaamé and it’s a popular Sunday dish!

Ivory Coast

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Image result for Cameroon jollof

It is mostly made with beef and garnished with carrots and green beans

DR Congo

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