You Should Know Better. Here Are 8 Silly And Rude Questions People Need To Stop Asking Like… Now!!

We get it. You like to speak your mind. But there are some questions and statements you say that shouldn’t even come out of your mouth.

If you have to say anything, you need to acknowledge the fact that the person will probably be hurt and factor that into the way you ask your question.

With that being said, here are 8 questions that should be thought about twice before being asked.

Are you tired or sick

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This will only make the person you’re asking feel bad about themselves if they aren’t any of the options you’ve given them. What if that’s their everyday look? It’s not their fault that they’ve got sunken eyes. Get over yourself.

Why are you still single?

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Excuse you. If we knew the answer to that question would we still be single? Asking that question gives off the impression that being single is a disease and something is not right with the person.

Did you gain weight?

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You just want to say we are fat so go ahead *eye roll*. This is one of the most disrespectful questions you can ask someone especially if they struggle with weight loss.

Why are you so skinny even though you eat a lot?

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Soooo…. we should go hungry? Is it our fault that our bodies don’t reflect the amount of food we eat? Tsw.

When are you getting married?

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Because our entire existence depends on us getting married. People will get married when they want to.

Are you pregnant?

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Chastise us for having a big stomach okay!! Unless you’re 100% sure someone is knocked up, don’t ask. Ask someone else who might have the real tea.

Why did you break up?

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If we wanted you to know, trust us, you would have run to you with the story. If you’re not super close to the person you’re asking, do not ask the question!

Who broke up with who?

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Sigh… We aren’t even going to dignify this dumb question with an answer.

We hope you took down some notes. Don’t be unfortunate dears.

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