Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell If You’re A Sark or Shatta Fan

Are you a Shatta Wale or a Sarkodie fan?

Are you a Champion or a King?

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you who you really are.

Which of these would you do on your birthday?

Which of these colors would you prefer?

Who would you go on a vacation with?

Which of these celeb daddys would you prefer?

Which of these is your favorite social media platform?

Which of these is your dream car?

If you were a musician, who would you have a feature with?

Which of these would you prefer?

Where would you like to spend your vacation?

Champioooon! I’m a Shatta fan

Inna the whole Ghana you're the best Shatta fan.
Highest! I’m a Sark fan

All hail the King. Continue staying high!

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