Take A Look At These 10 Ghanaian Rappers Who Are So Underrated, It Kills Us!!


It’s easy to be a SUPER DOPE rapper who sometimes gets stuck behind the 5 mainstream rappers Ghanaians have decided to go crazy over all the time.

We hardly ever give them the chance to shine and it’s sad cos you know they are way too fire than they get credit for!

Side Note: All the really good acts are underground who constantly drop links on Soundcloud trying to get heard but Ghanaians don’t have time smh.

For those who are not underground but are being sidelined cos their mainstream isn’t getting Ghanaians dancing to a one-liner and a beat, we have a lot of artistes that immediately come to mind as being super underrated!!

These are some of the rappers in Ghana who are doing so well in the rap game but you people don’t want to give them the fans they deserve!!


Akan’s way with words is just exceptional!!! His delivery, his style, even his stage presence is crazy but you people sleep on him smh.

Kojo Cue and Lil Shaker

We put these two together because they have some chemistry that makes us weak! They are both so good we really don’t get why they aren’t names as one of the biggest artistes in Ghana!!

Yung Pabi

Yung Pabi is soooo good and his stage presence is everything!!!! For a rapper, he’s got that part right so it’s so easy to enjoy his music!


Look, there aren’t many female rappers in the game but Eno has proven time and time again why she’s the best female rapper in Ghana and we agree!!


Have we not said that Worlasi is a god??? He’s a good singer but charle, he spoils there with rap too! He’d body your favourite rapper at any time.


Teephlow is obviously a good rapper but why he’s not fully and wholly accepted just yet makes it crazy!! Give him a chance y’all!!!

Freda Rhymz

She’s good. Very good and the fact that she’s female akes us even more proud cos look, we NEED more female rappers to get some recognition!!


Great delivery! He just recently caught our attention and we are super glad we found him cos maaaaannn!!!!

There are a lot more we would love to mention but carle, time no dey like that!

Who will make your top 10 underrated rappers?


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