Relax! The SRC Is Lobbying To Get Increased Residential Fees Reduced

Recently there has been some hustle and bustle about the residential fees.

We all thought it would be a ‘Save the Diaspora’ movement meaning only the Diaspora halls would be affected but then we heard some bad news…. it’s not just the Diaspora halls.

The traditional hall fees have also been affected.

Earlier, the SRC released a communique explaining that their silence on the matter was to gain a better understanding of the issue so they could make sure they gave students the right information.

Apparently, the proposed hall fees for residents and freshers in traditional halls will be GHS 1080 and the proposed fees for the Diaspora hall would be GHS 1790 for residents and GHS 2235 for freshers.

The 33% increase in residential fees would also affect Jubilee and the International Hostels as well.

The SRC has, however, said that Parliament has to approve this proposed increase and until that happens, it will not be put in effect.

Currently, they are seeking for parliamentary redress to so that the increased fees can be reduced.

We will update you as soon as we have more info.


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