If You Never Used Any Of These 6 Formerly Popular Social Media Apps, You Aren’t Cool Enough!!

Social media has taken over our lives.

Let’s not pretend…we are addicted! There are a lot of social media apps you can download and enjoy but of course, the most popular ones everyone is using are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Young people have a short attention span and it makes sense that since they are the largest users of social media, they switch to the next hot thing as soon as they can!

These are a few social media apps that were all the rage at some point in time.

My Space

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Before Facebook, there was Myspace. The site allowed users to create highly customized pages complete with background music and more skirmishes lol.


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It was supposed to be an app that makes it easy to share photos with followers. Because this service wanted to encourage sharing of pictures on a more personal level, users allowed to share their stuff to up to a total of 50 contacts only.


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This was the best app ever!! It’s so unfortunate that they had to discontinue the service. Users were allowed to upload 6-second videos that always always ended up being super hilarious!! The funniest videos on the internet all came from Vines!


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The Blackberry messenger wasn’t necessarily a social media app but it was one of the most used messaging apps at some point in time. If you didn’t have a BBM pin, you were not cool enough!!


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After MySpace, Hi5 was the new-ish! Hi5 had a lot of games you could play with friends which is probably what made it pretty popular ut it had the same features similar to other social media sites like sharing photos, connecting with friends, and meeting new people.

Ask fm

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Before Curious Cat, there was Ask.fm. It worked just like Curious Cat and people were allowed to anonymously ask any question they wanted to ask users. It’s still available but, it looks like most people would rather use the Twitter Curious Cat plugin rather than download Ask.fm.

Shocking how we have ditched all of them now! Makes you wonder, what will be the next new wave?

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