Day 6 Recap: #AYGC Delegates Met At The General Assembly To Propose Workable Solutions For Africa’s Problems

Day 6 of  #AYGC2019 was all about the General Assembly!

After all the preparations, the African and Diaspora youth converged at the General Assembly to deliberate on issues affecting Africa!

After the General Assembly mock on Thursday, the various committees met their coaches for the last time to finish up their resolutions before the General Assembly.

The delegates were grouped into various committees who were tasked with coming up with ideas and to propose workable solutions for Africa’s problems in the #AYGC Resolution 2019!

There was a committee on Employment, Health, Rule of law, Gender & Human rights, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Leadership and Governance, Diaspora & youth affairs and Foreign Affairs.

Here are some video snippets from the 1st Session and Debate of the Committee Motion!

3 committees presented their resolutions first before a lunch break and later, 4 other committees presented theirs too.

There was a coffee break and some delegates took lovely selfies 😍!


After the coffee break, the Debate of Committee Motion continued…

When all the committees finished presenting their resolutions, Mr Seth Oteng (Executive Director, YBF) addressed the house before the president ajourned the session!

Government officials, academics and experts are training the youth in resolution writing to solve problems in Africa and this is what the #AYGC2019 is all about 👏🏾👏🏾!

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