Call Your Crush And Try These 15 Different Ways Of Saying ‘I Love You’

I love you is a very strong word.

We love to say it, we love to hear it… here are the different ways you can say “I love you”

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I fall pass

I care about you

I have feelings for you

I’ve caught feelings

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I’m head over heels for you

You make my heart go gbum gban gbum gban

You’re my favourite person

I can’t breathe without you

You dey freak me pass

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You complete me

I’m so into you

If you were my favourite food I’ll eat you every day

I’m under your spell

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I’m sweet on you

You make me crazy

You’re my jollof rice (Cos it’s sexier than fufu)

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Now that you know these, spice it up! Tell the love of your life you love them in all these different and unique ways! 

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