We Promise This Is Every Reason Why We All Can’t Get Enough Of King Promise

King Promise!!!!

The first time we heard his music, we knew that nahhh this guy was awesome!!

Fast forward to now, he’s currently one of the biggest names in the Ghanaian music industry, giving us back to back hits and pushing Ghana to the world, making us even more proud!

He was shortlisted for Kuulpeeps’ Emergers 2017 and we are so proud of his growth but hey…these are all the reasons we love King Promise!!

He’s extremely talented!! Have you heard him sing? He’s currently one of the biggest vocalists in the Ghanaian mainstream music scene and when you pause to listen to his voice, you know it’s gold!


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He’s not just a good singer, he’s a great songwriter as well! He’s written songs for himself and other artistes such as Adina’s Too Late

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Man’s too sexy with his Santo!  How many people do you see rocking a Santo and being this sexy???

He is a trendsetter!! Remember when Ghanaians clowned him for his “Abongo” shoe?? Never mind that it was expensive as hell!  Look how he turned it into a part of his brand and now, y’all wearing them too!!! 

He’s so fashionable. Whoever his stylist is, they are doing an amazing job keeping him fresh and sexy for the ladies!

And he looks good in anything! Baggy clothes, sexy in a suit with his chest bare, shorts and a T-shirt, a sack..he’s good!


He finally gave us a masterpiece of an album, As Promised that put us all in our feels!

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We love you King Promise!!

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