UG: We Bet You’ll Forget These 7 Things When Packing For School.

It’s that time once again. Other schools may want extended vacations but we UG students dier, NO! We like our early resuming like that.

We perh we know what we go to do in school

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LMAO. So as the packing and billing go on, I’m pretty sure we have all listed the cereals and fresh sneakers and that hair you wanna get from best hair deals, but then you are forgetting something. Check this list out.

First Aid Kit.

If most of us ever remembered to grab a few first aid items, there would be quite a drop in the number of patients frequently trooping to the Campus Clinic and Legon Hospital. First aid items include plasters, bandages, gauze, clinical ethanol (our very own spirit). We can also grab what our moms call routine drugs: paracetamol, anti-diarrhea drugs, balm, cough syrup and lozenges, vitamin C. Throw in a few condoms and contraceptive pills while you’re at it wai.

Books and Pens

The whole point of us coming to school and yet we hardly remember this because when we talk about school, the exciting thing is our rooms and not lectures.

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We already know that our halls give us books, but charle, they are hardly on time. So during the first week, what are you going to write on??


By now most of you are like ahh. Lol, but you know its true. Apart from that person who brings a coal pot to school, no one else has this item in mind. Just grab a pack before you come to school because now dier there is high inflation rates on everything on campus too.


Another loud ah

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but yet again very true. The number 1 savior of many souls after Jesus Christ. The dbees we won’t agree to this but to those of you who know, well you know. Just grab a pack at the mall for keeps. If you want olonka too, you know where Makola is. Lol.

Bathroom slippers

Essentially for the ladies, but yet still very important. We all know the importance of those cheap rubber slippers, be it a public bathhouse or the private ones, we all need to guard our feet from the yucky floors. You wouldn’t want to end up bathing with those expensive Adidas slides, would you?

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Padlock and Keys

We all have lockers, and most times, we have to get a new one every semester. Try not to forget it this time around. If you are continuing and you locked your locker please don’t forget the keys to the locker. Having to go back home or break open the locker is a nuisance we can all avoid.

Official Wear

Just add one or two office clothes in your suitcase. You never know which presentation or interview might come. Some office skirt, shirt and trousers.

 Bonus tip: Do not forget your sponge and towel.

Many times we come to school with the same sponge and towel we use at home. We take a bath in the morning, hang them up to dry, and then forget to pack it up to school. The best thing you can do is get separate sponges and towels for home and for school. If that can’t be done, just don’t dry them out, get a clear bag, pack both of them then set them out to dry when you get to school.


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