UG : 6 Things That Are Peculiar To Legon Campus.

We have already established the fact that we are the Premier University. However, we would like to draw your mind to certain things on our campus that your favourite campus doesn’t have!! No matter where you are from, you haven’t seen these 6 things anywhere before unless it is in Legon. Once you lose your way, all you have to do is look out for these things and then off you go to being rescued.

Let’s get into it:

The Roofs

Notice how the roof of every building makes it look like it is the same building? Don’t get confused, that’s our style! All the way from Okponglo or the Madina road, you cannot miss these orange brick roofs on every single building in legon. We don’t know the history behind them, however, we think they are beautiful!

The grass

Legon is all about the greens. You can spot a bare-land on your way to your 2 hours lectures and by the time you close, the place has been turned into a beautiful garden! ( Small exaggeration, but true). We believe in the green project and environment protection. If you want fresh air to breathe, come to Legon!

The Balme Library, Sarbah  Hall and Great Hall

These three buildings have one thing in common!

Figured it out??? Yup! The architects really put a lot in making this school!

The Fountains

The entire campus was built to perfection. From the halls to the walkways on campus, there is no way you wouldn’t find at least one fountain!

The Monuments

A pure representation of our history as Ghanaians and Africans can be told from the monuments on campus.

The Road Blocks

Just look at all those red painted roadblocks within those short distances!

I don’t think any road has more blocks than legon lol. This is frustrating especially for the drivers because the school is too big and you can get missing easily!

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