How To Hold On To Your Christianity In Pent

Pentagon, aka Pent in the University of Ghana is undoubtedly the hub of everything your mama didn’t want for you on campus. I’m talking everything from wild parties, tawdy fashion to illicit sex. Obviously, it’s a tough place to find Jesus, but we got you. We found you five ways to help you survive, as a Christian out there.


Give No Hoots

You see the chicks hovering around with short skirts and knickers? If you join them, the only short thing you’re likely to have is your Christian life. Yeah, so you have to play the ‘I don’t care’ role and wear the ‘abaawa’ skirts like that. And oh, while you’re at it, pour some anointing oil on any devil who dares question your sense of fashion.

Befriend Sarbah Field

Invite your mama, grandma and everyone you know to dress like Spartans and help you win this war. It’s never a one man war at Pent. You have to fire d’evils from every corner of the Sarbah field. The Pent people are coming at you, trying to befriend you, try to make you feel ashamed of your God and your clothes, enticing you with the smell of weed and sex and fun. Say No, and go to Sarbah field. That’s where your salvation is.


Make sure all your friends are at Volta Hall. Leave nothing to chance. Least chance you get, you should be on your way to Volta Hall, with your books and your school bag. If any Pent person tries to befriend you, say a prayer and rebuke them in Jesus name. It’s a slippery slope, I tell you; one friend turns to three, and all of a sudden, you’re a popular Ghanaian girl having weed and sex discussions on Twitter, screaming “Gooo Atheism”.

Create The New Craze

If after doing all these, you are unable to survive, you’ll have to get drastic. Be the new craze yourself. Be innovative and blend your way of life with theirs and hope for the best. Then again , know that Pent guys have no chill at all! So start packing when you fail at being the new craze for them.

[signoff]Written by: Godfred Nsiah  Edited by: Nene Adjei[/signoff]

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    • Lmao… that’s your problem… if you’re strong in Christianity nothing of this should bother you.. after all the Bible said flee from temptation so it’s good you flee.. but the shorts ankasa wearing paah dierr we go wear..

  1. This is so true……I can relate too….the life they live there is so fake….And it’s super easy to get influenced….unfortunately I lost my best friend to that hypocritical life of theirs….I left too

    • You didn’t lose your best friend. Your best friend lost you. It’s true there are those who live a fake life and there are those who that’s their life, like it’s not a fake life. That’s genuinely who they are… as for the “influence “ alldepemds on those you got close too and if you know how to use the word “NO” you won’t be influenced negativiely… so don’t be saying it’s super easy to get influenced. From this I get negatively. If you pick the right friends you’re good to go. As for the “hypocritical life” it’s in all halls so wys?

  2. This is a very trashy post and was not needed…. if you want to write something like this, generalize it . Don’t use a particular popular hall for your example or whatever… secondly, lol And who said those who go to the Sarbah field are the ”angels” like you’re trying to imply or have the apparent “salvation” you’re talking about? Even the devil can wear Prada


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