Homowo Starts Tomorrow But First, Can We Stop And Pay Attention To The Manye, Cina Soul’s New Song?

Homowo is almost here and the Queen of Ga representation, the super talented Kla Mannye herself has decided to bless the community with some great music to jam to.

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Cina Soul dropped a new song, ‘Adukwei’ yesterday and the relief from her fans is overwhelming because…we all know Cina Soul loves to make us fast and thirst in between her music gems!

After dropping the ‘Ga Mashie EP’ last year, we haven’t had anything from her aside from the features which are never enough because we are so so selfish!

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Thankfully, she’s dropped something for us to enjoy! The song, ‘Adukwei’ is a beautiful song that will not only get you on your feet dancing all the Ga moves you know but also has great advice.

It’s a song that is empowering, telling young girls to get up and start something for themselves cos charle, it’s very important and gone are the days when women were expected to sit pretty till they got married off. Trust Cina Soul to drop sweet vocals that evoke a feeling of euphoria but at the same time will get you super motivated to get to work!

Listen to the song here:

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