Here’s A List Of All The Songs Shatta Wale Has Released In 2019

We can confidently say this year has been Crazy for Shatta Wale!!

Ever since he broke into the industry again as Shatta Wale, he’s become one of the biggest artistes in the country and now that he’s got featured on a Beyonce album…he’s not ANYONE’s mate again!!

Shatta Wale is more International than ever!

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These are all the songs he’s dropped this year!! But first, let’s start with this honorary feature:

Already ft Beyonce – Listen

Image result for Beyonce ft Shatta Wale - AlreadyÂ

And now to his songs…

Weekend Love ( YGF) – Listen

Changer (Prod. by Paq) – Listen
Nepa – Listen
Way To The Top (Prod. by Paq) – Listen
Aye Halfcast (Prod. by Paq) – Listen
Dem Possess (Prod. by Paq & Da Maker) – Listen
Kpokpomi (prod. by Chensee Beatz) – Listen
Big God ft. Natty Lee (Prod. by Smokey Beatz) – Listen

Oko Niko ft. Natty Lee (Prod. by Paq) – Listen

The Job (Prod. by Kims Media) – Listen

Round 3 (Prod by Chensee Beatz) Listen

Deliver Me (Prod. by YGF Records) – Listen

Do Am For Me (Baba) (Prod. by Mog Beatz) Listen
Run 4 Yuh Lyf (Pope Skinny Diss) (Prod. by MOG Beatz) Listen
Image result for shatta wale Run for your life

Only One Man (Prod By MOG) Listen

Life Be Time ft Tinny (Prod. by Shawers) Listen
Like Jesus (Prod. by Cheense Beatz) Listen
New Formula (Prod. by Unda Beatz) Listen
Summer Time ft Gh Cali – Listen
Island (Prod. by YGF Records) – Listen
Holy Man (Prod. by Da Maker) Listen
Packaging ft. Medikal – Listen

NC Dread – We Gidem 

Miami Heights (Prod. by Damage Musiq) – Listen

JUJU (Prod. by Mog Beatz) – Listen

Swizz Bank (Prod. By Shabdon Records) – Listen

Tournament ( Mog Beatz) – Listen

Signboard (Prod. by Chensee Beatz) Listen
Kaakaa Motobi (Prod. by Mog Beatz) Listen
Heavy Load (Prod. by Damage Musiq) Listen
Melissa (Prod. by Paq x Da Maker) Listen
The Prophecy (Prod. by Paq) Listen
Borjor Listen
Shatta Wale Wonder Boy Album – Listen
Image result for shatta wale wonder boy
Bad Man 
By All Means 
Be Afraid Listen
Blessings Upon Me – Listen
And if you want his songs from previous years, we gotcha!!
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