Dry Throat Right? Why Don’t You Give These Local Drinks A Try

When we think about the African beverage industry we usually think coffee, tea and juice, but West Africa boast of good traditional beverages (many of which are alcoholic) and Ghana is no exception.

Now think about this the sun is scorching and all you need is a drink to help ease the stress you are going through, look no further just grab a healthy and nutritious local drink.

These drinks are very common and easy to find. These drinks dey street. These drinks are locally made and are very affordable.

  • Asaana

Image result for asaana

  • Sobolo

Image result for sobolo

  • Brukina

Image result for brukina

  • Pito

Image result for pito drink

  • Palm Wine

Image result for palm wine

  • Lamugine

Image result for lamogine drink

  • Nm3daa

Image result for nm3daa

  • Ice Kenkey

Image result for ice kenkey drink


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