Check Out Kwesi Arthur’s Reaction To A ‘Horrendous’ Pencil Art Of Him

Pencil artists, mostly in Africa, in an attempt to gain popularity and attract customers, are now making sketches of their favourite celebrities and posting them on social media.

Some of them get lucky and others don’t.

Eli Waduba, a Nigeria pencil artist caught the attention of American comedian Kevin Hart with the awesome art he made of Kevin. Kevin Hart after seeing the art promised to support him and also link him to his celebrity friends.

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Eli Waduba just by making a pencil art of Kevin Hart got the opportunity to be interviewed by Steve Harvey on the “Steve Harvey TV Show”

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Here in Ghana, a pencil artist also tried making a sketch of his favourite artist, Kwesi Arthur…but the sketch didn’t go really well…

A friend of the pencil artist posted the sketch on Twitter and tagged the Kuulpeeps Emergers 2017s Kwesi Arthur.

Have a look at the sketch:


Yeeeaaaahh… he force but e lef small…

Well, Kwesi Arthur saw it and this is how he reacted:

“s3 ma y3 wo b)ne bi a, faky3 me wai”… meaning; if I have wronged you, please forgive me, was his reply to the post.

Hilarious huh?…LOL

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