Ok, so the freshers are in and campus activities are now in full gear. Most freshers must have realized by now that A LOT of continuing students do not really know the campus at all. Some have used this as a lesson and are busily trying to know every nook and cranny on campus. Others are…well, they don’t care.

But hey! If you plan on visiting the beautiful University of Ghana campus soon or maybe you’re a non resident hoping to apply for a room next year, these are places that every well-meaning legon student should know.

Sarbah field

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Every Christian resident student must have visited there at least one night in his or her duration on campus. The large field closest to legon hall annex b was originally meant as a sports field. But it’s now common to see groups belonging to various campus denominations gathering around to engage in prayers, meetings, exorcism, anointing meetings etc. From about 6pm to the wee hours of the morning. Even loners are not left out. It’s a free world and one is able to shout and scream to the glory of the Lord!.

Knowledge commons (Balme library)

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Imagine my shock when a friend told me he didn’t know this place (don’t worry, he knows now). A new section of the famous Balme library on the university of Ghana campus. This is a state of the art ICT lab that boasts of a fingerprint access, all round air conditioning, fast wireless internet connection, and it’s the only IT lab on campus that’s open till 10pm with complete access to YouTube!! (wheew). Actually I’m typing this here. You know what I mean.

PS: Freshers, you need to go register to be able to access this place because, no fingerprint access, no entry.

The Great Hall

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Raise your hand if you didn’t go for orientation in your first year! Hands down. Every level 100 student on campus should have at least attended a day of orientation at the great hall on campus. It’s used for major campus programs like fresher orientations, graduations, delegate meetings, etc. and …..It’s located right behind commonwealth hall. This brings us to our next place…

Commonwealth hall

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It’s difficult to not miss a vandal. This hall is located on the Legon hill and boasts of a near bird’s eye view of campus.. This hall has been one of the most if not the only controversial hall on campus. It’s the one hall known to provide the best of students and the most notorious of students.


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This is a name of an area that consists of four halls, with a fifth one being built. They were given the name diaspora due to their distance from campus. These halls stand out due to their state of the art facilities, high comfort provided, and security among others. No wonder the high price of these halls. If you reside in any of those halls, clap for yourself.

Pentagon halls

African Union Hall. This series of five hostels were named pent after their pentagonal shape as seen from a bird’s eye view. Apart from their strangely exorbitant residential fees and their strangely prestigious residents, pent hall also boasts of the best consecutive hall weeks ever hosted on campus (FACT!).

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Night market and Bush canteen

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For those of you who can’t cook. These are your favorite  spots, you have the opportunity to choose between the more affordable bush canteen located on the outskirts of campus or the more expensive and campus based night market which boasts of a mini mall, a vegetarian shop, kebab spot as well as a horde of shops and chop bars.


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No one can ignore the massive building which boasts of producing some of the biggest business moguls in the country and beyond. This building boasts of managing all internet related activities on campus.

Athletic oval

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All Level 100s will have their matriculation here and occasionally, some sports events are held here. That’s all!

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And finally

Jones Quartey Building (JQB)

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Jones Quartey Building is the major lecture hall on campus. Consisting of about 7 lecture halls along with the radio universe newsroom. A series of offices, and of course, a cute restaurant.

So there, if you’re reading this and you’ve already graduated from the University of Ghana, hope these brought back some great memories.



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