These Are The Most Annoying Roommates Ever And We Know For A Fact. You Have Lived With At Least One Before

Most Annoying Roommates you could ever have

Yeah we said roommates but… housemates count too just because we want this to be as inclusive as possible

Your parents

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Ugh, they can be so annoying right? It’s their house so what? They are feeding you too so what?… sometimes they need to chill!! Barging into your room without knocking, calling you countless times while you are out … so so annoying!

Your siblings

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They always find a way to get into your things. We are talking about the pesky little ones called younger siblings. You can’t breathe without them going to report to your housemates… the parents.

The roommate who’s always got a visitor

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If you’re in the University and you have this kind of roommate, then sorry. Say bye-bye to your privacy because you will never have it! Narrowing will become a familiar world for you and you just might spend most of your time sleeping outside.

The motherly roommate

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Everyone deserves this kind of roommate.  They take care of you!!!  They make sure you have eaten, will make sure the room is spotless and will take care of you when you’re sick. All they want is to make sure you are happy and comfortable.

The dirty careless roommate

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They don’t know anything about making your room/house look nice or they don’t even care saf.  They rarely clean up after themselves. 

Pesky roommate

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You can’t hate them. They are so annoying but you love them all the same because they are so full of life but that doesn’t mean you cannot get tired of them. Always talking and always moving around…always.

Which one do you currently live with?

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