Kula GH Wins Brand New Samsung Phone From SC Mobile Challenge


The award-winning global bank, StanChart with a forward-looking foray into digital banking introduced a nickname challenge on Twitter.

The challenge expected people to share some of the funniest and weirdest nicknames they have heard or seen and the responses were pretty interesting!

The challenge started to trend and with it, came a lot of fond High School memories and funny stories.

Some were weird, out of the world, knock our socks off hilarious.

Our followers on Twitter had a field day sharing all the nicknames they have encountered.


Unfortunately, all that had to end and the person with the funniest and weirdest nickname had to be rewarded.

It was difficult but 4 nicknames were shortlisted and people on Twitter had to vote for the one they think was the best.

1. Missed Call – ‪@kwakutantuo
2.12 bread – @jesusboy_06
3. Okoto Rasta – @kulagh
4. Against b3wu – ‪@wrexque ‬

Kula, the rapper won with the nickname: “Ok0t0 Rasta”.

The rapper, who was shortlisted on the maiden edition of the Kuulpeeps Emergers 2017, won a brand new Samsung A10 smartphone by the kind courtesy of StanChart Ghana.

StanChart Ghana currently has one of the best mobile banking apps you can find on the Ghanaian market.

iPhone users can download the SC Connect app here and Andriod users can also download it here

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