Giiirrlll!! You Better Pull Yourself Out! Here Are Signs That Show That You’re Stuck In “Relationship Jail”

You’re here thinking you’re so in love and so you don’t even think about the fact that you’re almost always with this person and the fact that your family and friends don’t even see you anymore.

If you asking yourself if you were ditching your friends and everything else in your life for this guy then yes!!

We’re sure the answer is yes! If you still aren’t convinced, here are some signs that show that the dicksand de3, you’re stuck inside!

Your social media is all about both of you

Gone are the days where you took single pictures. Because you’ve gotten boy de3 your Instagram account isn’t for only you. You keep posting both of you or him every Monday as your #mcm. Weh done ma!

Your friends are surprised when you show up for link-ups… alone

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It’s almost as if you two share limbs. If you have been invited to a hangout with your friends and you appear there with your boyfriend, needless to say, it’s going to be mad awkward since it was probably supposed to be just you girls.

You’re ALWAYS bringing them up in conversation

Nobody is talking about him but you always find a way to loop them into your convos. Sis! That’s annoying and it needs to stop! Nobody wants to know what you guys do in your relationship… well unless they ask.

You don’t know what’s happening in your best friend’s life

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You claim you’re best friends but you don’t talk to them. You always see their missed calls on your phone but for some reason, you don’t get around to calling them. You can’t text them as well…

You keep saying “You’ll understand when you’re in a relationship”

Sigh… You’re reaching. Stop trying to give absurd excuses and own up to the fact that you are obsessed with your new relationship.

Have you ever been stuck in Dicksand?

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