Can Your Vagina Be “Depressed “? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About A Depressed Vagina.

Yes, a depressed vagina is a real thing and it affects roughly 16 per cent of women, mostly between the ages of 18 and 25.

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It is used by some to describe an incredibly painful medical condition known as vulvodynia.

It’s called “depressed vagina” because of the most common form of treatment: a mild dosage of anti-depressants.

Even though it isn’t well known it’s a common problem which is usually misdiagnosed and was largely regarded as a problem that only existed in a woman’s mind and the women labelled as psychologically disturbed.

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It’s a health issue that needs to be looked at because it tends to affect women physically, mentally and emotionally.

It itches

Because of this symptom, people often misdiagnose it as a yeast infection. The difference is the discharge you see. A thick, cheesy discharge with an intense itching is usually a yeast infection, while a thin discharge with a fishy smell will frequently be a bacterial vaginosis infection. If there is no discharge or odour, usually there is no need to treat with an antifungal or antibacterial cream/treatment.

It’s sore

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It may be a general aching throughout the day, or a more acute throbbing pain brought on by sex that lasts for several hours afterwards.

Painful sex

This pain could flair when the vagina is touched—such as during sex or when putting in a tampon—or simply when a woman is sitting down.

If these symptoms sound too familiar to you, it’s time to get it checked out.

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