5 Holy Spirit Filled Times Daddy Lumba Took Us To Church And Preached Through His Music!!!

daddy lumba photo via kuulpeeps
daddy lumba photo via kuulpeeps

Daddy Lumba is a legend!!

The man gave us some sweet sweet songs back in the day right??

There were some songs we didn’t even have to be singing as children but we still did anyway cos the music was so good!

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Even though he loved his women and used to give us the perfect *cough* love songs, there were times he took us to church and made us feel the spirit deep in our souls!!

Remember these?

Mesom Jesus

We all know this song!! It was on the same-titled album and it was great!!

Yesu Ka yen ho

This was such a great song. If it didn’t get you in the spirit and dancing to the glory of God, you were listening to it wrong!!!

Amansan nyinaa nto dwom

Ask your parents..they’d get up and dance right now!! The girl on it, she did amazing and some of you may have choreographed to this at church.

Osoro Nkye Me Ne

This song isn’t quite as old. It was released in 2017 and true DL fans would know it!!

Hossana ft Great Ampong

This song was released in 2017 and his vocals together with Great Ampong’s gave us an amazing praise jam.

Can we hear an amen??

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