We Just Can’t Stop Cracking Up When Watching Melissa McCarthy’s Movies. These One’s Are Epic!!!!


Since breaking out on the big screen with her scene-stealing appearance in the hit 2011 comedy Bridesmaids, (she’s had movies dating back to 1999), Melissa McCarthy has earned a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most fearless and funny stars, proving her willingness to endure even the most awkward situations.

A clear example is Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief and also Spy.

She Worked beyond her capabilities to attain such a feat.

Here are top 10 Movies according to rotten tomatoes.

1. Spy (2015)- rated on rotten tomatoes -95%

Image result for spy movie

2. G0-(1999)- rated on rotten tomatoes-91%

Image result for go movie

3. Bridesmaids-(2011)- rated on rotten tomatoes-90%

Image result for bridesmaIDS movie

4. St. Vincent-(2014)- rated on rotten tomatoes-77%

Image result for st vincent MOVIE

5. Ghostbusters-(2016)- rated on rotten tomatoes-74%

Image result for GHOSTBUSTERS 2016

6. Charlie’s Angel-(2000) rated on rotten tomatoes-68%

Image result for charlie's angels 2000 melissa mccarthy

7. The Heat- (2013)- rated on rotten tomatoes-64%

Image result for THE HEAT 2013

8. The Nines -(2007)- rated on rotten tomatoes-65%

Image result for THE nines

9. This is 40-(2012)- rated on rotten tomatoes-52%

Image result for this is 40


10. Life of the party- (2018)- rated on rotten tomatoes-38%

Image result for life of the party


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