The Kids Of The Kardashians Are Living The Life! Dust Off Your Feet And Take A Look At Their Luxury Cars

The Kardashians are so glamourous that we can’t even deal…

It seems some of us follow them so that we can hurt ourselves while constantly screaming “how?! why?!”

Have you seen their kids online??? Have you???

Those kids are LIVING THE LIFE!!!

They regularly fly on private jets to exotic locations for the most lavish of vacations like…do they even need a vacation?? What stress???

We know for a fact that they live in mansions with giant pools, playgrounds, and ball courts and their birthday parties are way too much!!!

And the gifts they get! From diamond necklaces to very expensive handbags, the kids have it all!

As if that is not enough, they also have banging rides they can roll by in, all over the house!

True Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s daughter owns a pink glittery mini-Bentley.

Image result for true thompson mini bentley

Kimora Lee Simmons, her mother’s friend bought this car which is worth about $2000 when she turned one.

Chicago West, Kanye and Kim’s baby owns a mini neon yellow Mercedes G-Wagon

Image result for Chicago west's neon yellow Mercedes G-Wagon worth

It was a custom Platinum Group painted neon green G550 4×4 SUV from Mercedes Beverly Hills and it was matching her Father’s gift to her mum, a real life-sized G wagon… same thing!

Dream Kardashian also has a blue mini Bentley

Image result for Dream kardashian blue bentley

Jut like her cousin, True Thompson’s cousin, Dream Kardashian got an exact same one

Stormi’s Fendi baby stroller

Image result for stormi gucci stroller

Granted, it’s not a car but Stormi’s being rolled around on walks in a $12,500 baby stroller!

The kids literally have toys that cost way more than you ever got as a kid right?

Hustle oo so you spoil your kids like this!!

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