#ScreenShot: Social Media Is Tearing Up Our Social Fibre One Post At A Time

Joe Budden

The pressure of being on social media which has contributed to the development of the culture of clap back, moving to and plainly being savaged towards one another.

Most often, people are quick to go on the defence which seemingly takes on the effects of an attack on people without necessary taking a minute to access the situation.

The need for a quick and savage response added to the impersonal nature of the cyberspace makes it very easy for people to put others on the chopping block without any substance or justification.

It is for this need of making the internet safer for all that we started the conversation on cyberbullying.

Though this following example is not a traditional example of cyberbullying it’s one that brings to the fore the topic we’re discussing.

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American rapper, Joe Budden this weekend had a taste of the savagery that people receive online partly due to the owning and clap back culture.

Having listened to Burna Boy’s African Giant album, the rapper was so impressed that he knew he had to take to Twitter to talk about it.

In telling people that the Burna Boy album is amazing, Joe Budded said “If nobody told you by now, that Burna Boy album is ridiculous.”

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Yeah… we are programmed that the word ‘ridiculous’ is a negative word that cannot be used in any positive contest so one Twitter user John NetworQ decided to come for Joe Budden.

In “defending” Burna Boy, John went ahead to attack Joe saying the rapper’s entire “career is ridiculous.”

However, Joe Budden acted cool and explained that when he said “ridiculous” he meant “amazing.”

Now, John had to come back and apologies and take his L.

This is sad because, even if John had misunderstood what Joe said, he could have asked Joe to explain what he meant by calling Burna Boy’s album “ridiculous”.

That way, John would have saved himself the negative energy he used to call Joe’s career ridiculous and the humiliation that came with it.

Social media opens a world of limitless possibilities to us, but with that comes the responsibility of making sure that everyone can coexist peacefully and push each other up instead of tearing each other down.

In a physical world, it’s unlikely that John would have owned Joe the way he did.

The virtuality of the cyberspace is making us do things to each other that we couldn’t have been able to do in the regular world.

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