Lancaster: Meet The Faces Behind Jungle Avenue And Their New Single “Koko”

Today we have with us Jungle Avenue.
The group consists of five members Oniisha, Zeke Laryea, Diizi, Nana Aj and Reefer Tym who have recently dropped their debut single titled KOKO.

Kuulpeeps: Hello Jungle Avenue.

Jungle Avenue: Hi.

Kuulpeeps: Mind if I call you J.A?

Jungle Avenue: Oh sure

Kuulpeeps: Cool kraa. Ok so “Jungle Avenue” this name you guys call yourselves like Jungle Ave In East legon or an actual Jungle lol. What’s behind it?

Jungle Avenue: We named ourselves Jungle Avenue because we actually met at Jungle Avenue and that’s where our friendship started. We all completed this year. 4 of us completed Lancaster University and the other Radford University.

Kuulpeeps: Awesome. So this single Koko what is it about.

J.A: Koko is about 5 boys who started music and no one wanted to pay attention. 5 guys who struggled to be heard all because they had one passion which was music.

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Kuulpeeps: Must have been tough yh. But why choose the name, Koko.

J.A: It’s cheap lol.  Koko is very relatable. We’re not saying Koko is food for broke people lol. But when you listen to the chorus you’ll hear a line which goes like “where you dey as my three square be koko” meaning where were you when we ate koko for breakfast, lunch and supper. Like we dey br3 you get me and now that we’re rising up you want to surf on our wave.
Like that’s the vibe we’re getting across.

Kuulpeeps: Aish menners dey hustle for the… Haha lol. So who’s the leader of your gang?

J.A: Well we don’t exactly have a leader, we’re close friends who came together to start this journey.


Kuulpeeps: Great great. Who do you guys look up to both locally and internationally?


J.A: oh that one dier chaw oo, there’s Mr Eazi, Burna Boy, Wizkid, Joey B, Davido, Manifest, Sarkodie, Sauti Sol, shatta wale, Tekno, Runtown
There’s Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Charlie Puth, JayZ, Joyner Lucas, Tory Lanez, drake, Chris Brown, Mac Miller
There are also some unique names in there.
There’s Queen, BTS, Nirvana

Kuulpeeps: Eii wow amazing lol. Who handles your production though?

J.A: At the moment Oniisha and Reefer Tym handle production. Zeke and Dizii sometimes partake in the production of our songs. It’s all a group effort really.

Kuulpeeps: You guys are doing a great job. Keep the fire burning. What would you want to say to your fans out there?

J.A: To our fans, we want y’all to know we really appreciate your support even though we have a long way to go please just continue showing us love and we will continue dropping good music. Join us and let’s all grow together #jungleAve.

Kuulpeeps: Thank you for your time Jungle Avenue.

J.A: Thank you for having us as well.

Kuulpeeps: Yeah so guys it’s a wrap. Tap on the music below to listen to “Koko”.

Koko is available on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Tidal, Google play etc.


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