#KnowNo: Wanlov Claims AccDotAlt Director Who Organizes Chale Wote Is An Alleged “Sexual Predator And Woman Abuser”

mantse aryeequaye, Accra dot alt, Chale wote

Starting tomorrow, the Ghana art scene will become the centre of the world.

That because the famous Chale Wote Street Art Festival will be kicking off its 12-day celebration of Ghanaian and African arts with a film screening at the Museum of …..

For years now, Chale Wote Street Art Festival has become a great Ghanaian export earning the country priceless coverage on the international media platforms, which just bolsters the country’s public image to the western world.

As we celebrate the Year of Return this year, Chale Wote takes on a different level of significance in celebrating Ghana and making it attractive to those in the diaspora.

However, it seems all of this positivity might be under threat.

That’s because of a wave of alleged sexual accusations circling around one of the directors of Accra Dot Alt, the organization behind the beautiful Chale Wote Street Art Festival.

Yesterday, musician and Chale Wote Street Art festival lover Wanlov confirmed that he would not be attending this year’s event.

In past, Chale Wote has become a family outing event for Wanlov and family – but not this year.

According to Wanlov, he is cancelling Chale Wote this year because Mantse Aryeequaye, the Accra Dot Alt director is reportedly a “sexual predator and woman abuser.”

Wanlov explains further in another tweet that the accusations are coming from “first-hand accounts of women who will only speak in closed court.”

He claimed he was a “witness to the terrorizing and exiling of Dr Sionne Neely who has been threatened into silence (maybe partly coz Chale Wote is her baby and she wants to keep it going).”

These accusations will surely rock the inner circle of Accra Dot Alt staff and volunteers who are working on putting together a great Chale Wote Street Art Festival show this year.

However, it’s unclear whether it will have any effect on the number of people who will be attending this year.

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