Ladies Come Closer…These Comics About Your Period Are So Relatable And Lowkey Funny!

Periods are the worst but hey, it’s something we have to deal with for the most part of our lives so instead of cursing it all the time, why not laugh a little?

It’s actually comforting knowing you are not alone!

We found these comics on the internet and they are so so relatable!

Shadout to the students and workers out there!!!

Who asked you period?? why now???

A lesson every school should teach!!

Do we have to suffer pre-period, during and post period??!! Ugh!!!!

That’s the only logical reason for cramps!

When you have to act normal but you are dying inside!!!

Never trust adverts!!!

Now you have to do some laundry because your ‘visitor’ came early!

Must be nice…being a woman!


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