Forget Today Is Monday! This Is Why We Believe Sundays Are Specially Made For Mothers

Sundays are for mothers.

Seriously, Sunday’s belong to Christian mothers.

If you don’t believe… check this out!

She wakes everyone up because…church.

How dare you oversleep on a Sunday when it’s church day?!

Her Church outfits are fire like it’s Christmas Day lol. You know she’s going to be wearing some lace shada that will need all her kids zipping it up and her pearls need to be hooked!!

If she’s gangsta, she’d ask you to take some pictures of her so she sends them back to you in the family WhatsApp group.

For someone who woke everyone up, it’s amazing how she is the last one out after everyone is ready.

And oh, when service is over, she definitely wouldn’t be ready to leave. Someway somehow she has something to say to everyone and if you aren’t lucky, you’d be the one standing by her side with her bag, patiently waiting to sneak in a “when are we going?” when there’s a pause in the convo

And finally, when you all get home, she holds your destiny in her hands. Is she going to prepare fufu or Jollof?

We love our mothers charle and in as much as she may annoy you lol she still makes you laugh and you still love her!!!

Enjoy your holiday!

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