Wondering What To Eat Before You Sleep Or What Not To Eat? This Is Your Article

For this week, we have given you various content during the night and tonight will not be any different from what we have been doing.

We have some food items that are good to eat before we sleep and those we don’t need to eat. We must take note of all this to improve our living. Let’s stay healthy guys.

What to eat before you sleep

  • Banana

Image result for banana

  • Poultry

Image result for poultry

  • Peanut butter and whole-grain bread

Image result for peanut butter and brown bread

What not to eat/drink

  • Coffee

Image result for Coffee

  • Chocolate

Image result for chocolate

  • Alcohol

Image result for alcohol

  • Hot pepper and spicy foods

Image result for hot pepper and spicy foods

  • Pizza

Image result for pizza

  • Too much food

Image result for too much food

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