Who Knew Having Movies Can Boost Your Sex Life

One day we went out to chill with our friends at a pub and interestingly they were talking about how some of them got laid because they had movies and series. So we did a little research and this is what we had. Enjoy!!!

1. Bob- I had all the series and movies. It was always up to the date but sometimes if girls ask me if I have the next episode I tell I will download it tonight so they can pass by so we watch it. That thing worked for me though. I was in a two in a room hostel and my roommate was not around most of the times so you can just imagine 

2. Kwabena- I don’t know if you’ll consider watching porn as a movie or series but one day this girl was coming over to watch a movie and I intentionally said I will show porn. She was cool with it so when she came into my room, we watched it but she got horny and I did it.

3. Steve- For me I don’t really like series so I make sure I download the latest movies to lure the girls

4. Kojo- Sometimes it’s not really about the series or movies ooo… the girls dema mind dey already so they just use the movies as care off. One girl came to watch a movie in my room and she ended up giving me a Blow Job. It was a nice feeling

5. Eyram- I mostly invite some girls on Fridays to come for movie nights in my room but my roommate is the holy holy type type. He was always spoiling the thing. He went home one Friday and my night was really blessed

6. Tofa- I liked this girl and her room was right beside my room but I didn’t know how to approach her. One day, I asked her if she had Game Of Thrones full season 1 & 2 but she said no and she was also searching for it. I don’t know how but I managed to get it for her and we become friends after that. She is now my girlfriend and she is really good in bed 

7. Mike- I used to visit this girl at Pent who lived alone. She didn’t have a roommate. When Empire series came fresh she used to invite me to her room so we watch it together. She was always teasing me that I was the gay guy in the series and that I can’t even do anything to her. One day I couldn’t help it, I had to show her that I was a man 

8. Jude- I actually broke my virginity at level 100 when I went for Republic Hall Week. We were 6 people in the room – 3 boys, 3 girls. It was a great night until I drunk some punch that my friends mixed. I started misbehaving, I was just pressing one girl and she liked it so we took it to a different level. I really don’t remember how long I lasted but i know we watched Game of Thrones after that

9. Philip- I won’t talk plenty. Just try it fam. It worked for me, it could work for you too 

10. Well!! A girl came to watch a movie in my room and I tried to touch her but she slapped me. That same week my roommate invited another girl over to watch that same movie and they made out while watching it. The sound from the movie was loud but I could hear the girl moaning.


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