Time For Some Schooling! These Are 5 Really Common Words A Lot Of People Use Wrongly!

English is hard lol and no one can really blame us…it’s not really our language.

Lmao, check out these words most of us have been using wrongly MOST OF THE TIME!!

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There’s no such word as that! Stop using it to mean regardless.


People usually use it to mean someone is very famous but its real meaning is famous… but for negative reasons only. So, Beyoncé is famous for her talent but Al Capone is infamous for his criminal activities.


People think it means ‘not flammable’ but lol it means ‘flammable’. Yhup, you read that right. There’s no difference in meaning when it comes to flammable and inflammable. They mean the same thing!


Unfortunately, some of us use Entitled to mean the title of a show, a film, an artwork or a book. Remember saying “My poem is entitled…?”

The right meaning of entitled is, ‘having the right to something’ so yes you are entitled to your own opinion


For most of us, we use the word Peruse when we want to say we are browsing or skimming through something. However, when you use peruse, you are actually looking at something very closely or observing something in depth.

Unless you took your English lessons seriously or you read a lot, we are pretty sure some of you have been seriously schooled tonight!

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