The Horrible Truth About Internships Everyone Forgot To Tell You About

It’s about that time. Internships are almost over if not over already. You’re heaving a huge sigh of relief because these last 2-3 months haven’t been easy at all. Internships are great, don’t get me wrong. It’s a fine opportunity to learn new skills, practice what you’ve been studying in school and sometimes it’s really great having something to keep you occupied until school starts. Plus, you’ll get a lot of stories to tell your friends when you get back to school.

With these benefits in mind, you got in touch with all your links to get a nice place to intern because, let’s face it, it’s really hard getting internships in some places without the right ‘connection’.

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Anyway, you land the job, you start work super excited and after a couple of weeks, it hits you: Internships arent all rainbows and sunshine like you thought. Infact, you never expected anything at all and why didnt anyone tell you?!!

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The Early Morning rides.

Is this what life after school really is about? Waking up early every single week day to make sure you beat traffic and get to work on time. The traffic, the short nights, the early morning struggle for troskis if you aren’t dbee enough to have your own car are so stressful!! You barely remember your troski rides to and from work because half the time, you were finishing or starting bedtime in the car.

No New Skills

You found a way to get to work on time every morning but now there’s another problem. The internship isn’t like you thought.

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You imagined a corporate world full of business talk and decision making with your eager self hanging on the arm of some manager or CEO, absorbing a wealth of knowledge and jotting words you will use sometime in the future when you have your own empire.


That didn’t happen. The only skill you probably acquired is, you can now fix a broken down photocopier machine because all you did was print stuff and photocopy documents for the people in the office.

Internship = Errand boy

Remember the times you had nothing doing and went to get some food only to see some poor guy or girl in a suit hogging up the waakye queue buying food for the whole world? Yeah that became your life. Every morning, you get to work, grab a sheet of paper and take everyone’s waakye order. In the afternoons, lunch time!!! Someone needs credit? You! Mobile money transfers? you! Anyone craving something really bad? Yeahh that’s right, you’re the one who’d go get it. “Interrrrrrrrrn!!!”

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The Money

You thought getting an internship was the surest way to make some side cash to get that human hair, phone upgrade, makeup stuff or sneakers you really want but your parents won’t get for you? Ha!! First of all, you probably arent even getting paid!

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So, there’s two kinds of internship pay: The coins that comes at the end of every month and the one that waits till you’re completely done with your internship before it drops. One thing is certain though, you’re always broke. The monthly pay, yall know you didn’t even save some. You spent all on food and transportation right? and the one that comes in bulk after your last day of internship party lol that one got finished before it even got into your hands cos you’re owing way too many people and it’s time to pay back!!

Now you’re wondering if the internship was even worth it. Was it?

Don’t worry, it was. Someday, somehow, you’d realize you actually did learn something but whether it’s now, or in the next five years…we’ll see you again next year cos hahaaaa there’s no other way you will get that 10 years experience that’s asked for when you’re looking for a job after school. So ermm…go back to school, study hard and next year, most companies will be happy to have you photocopy and run errands for them.

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