Story: My Roommate Was A Sex Addict

When I was going to my first year in the University, my mum would not hear of me going into one in a room in as much as I was a loner and I couldn’t bear the thought of being with three extra girls. So we came to a consensus and we both agreed that I move into two in a room. Now all of the back and forth delayed my reporting to school and so I didn’t have the luxury of choosing who my roommate will be and that is how I ended up with Afia.

At first glance, Afia looked like a nerd….I mean with the Akufo-Addo type of glasses and unshaped eyebrows…she looked so plain and for me that was a relief because it just meant I had less/no drama to deal with.

But I guess I counted my chickens too early before they even hatched. I had the true translation of “Never judge a book by its cover” explained right before my very eyes after two weeks of sharing the same room with Afia.

Her coming to the room late everyday for me was no bother at all because for me I thought that she spent her nights in the library.

One Friday night I woke up to the sound of laughter at the door and that was the day I met Aaron.

After that night I had to get used to the muffled laughter at the door frequently and I kept wondering if Aaron ever showed up during the day. Now the icebreaker came in when I heard moans in my sleep and I decided to wake up and actually determine if the moans were in my dreams or in my room. Shockingly enough the moans were right opposite me and I just said in my head “Awurade so this Aaron boy too has no shame??” I just adjusted myself put the pillow on my head and went back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and found out to my utmost surprise that it wasn’t even Aaron that spent the night but was a totally different guy whom I had never met. Now that became the order of the day (or night mpo). Every morning, I would wake up and meet a new guy in my room. So as for Afia in my mind she was just a low class prostitute who didn’t have an iota of knowledge in the selection of men that she slept with and I vowed to look for another roommate as soon as we went on vacation. How I wish then that my story ended here. No oooo hw3… the mind bosting part is now even coming.

One of the nights that I heard the moaning, I just picked up my pillow and as usual was ready to adjust myself and go back to sleep and then at of curiosity decided to just peep at her and have a glimpse of who it was this time around (konkonsa in the dark….am I not one stupid girl). However I noticed the outline didn’t look like there were two people on the bed but the moaning was getting louder. Not being able to stand it anymore I just turned on the lights and there was Afia lying there naked with no one on the bed but yet sorting herself. Next to her was a box that I always presumed was her jewelry box and instead of containing necklaces, bracelets and earrings, they contained dildos of different shapes, colors and sizes, different varieties of condoms ,post pills and the list goes on and on. Now she just looks up at me and tells me “can you kindly turn off the light so I can finish up?” Eiiiii sister so you don’t fear God eh!!!!!

I didn’t spend an extra day in that room. I packed my things and went straight home and told my surprised mother that my roommate was possessed and that was why I left.




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