Let’s Help You Build Your Wardrobes Guys! Here Are 8 Basic Wardrobe Essentials For Every Guy!

Most guys have a complete wardrobe of gym clothes and basketball shoes, so this article will focus on “the rest of your wardrobe.”

Yes, guys: your wardrobe must extend beyond gym shorts and printed T-shirts and we are going to help you with that.

So, here are 10 essential clothing items to help you start building a wardrobe beyond the gym and playing field.

Nice jacket

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Add a nice blazer to your wardrobe. Sweatshirts are fine for hanging out, but not when you are going to your internship or attending important meetings


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You might often wear sweaters to interviews, meetings, dates, etc. A classic V-neck sweater is a good choice because you can add a long-sleeved shirt or coloured T-shirt underneath. Quarter-zip, crew neck are also good options.

Casual shoes

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Different occasions call for different shoes, so if the budget allows it, pick up some light-weight boots, loafers, and canvas slip-on. Be sure to select colours that complement your clothes. When in doubt, call your mom/sister/girlfriend for help with matching.

Suit /tie/button-down shirt

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You never know when you’ll need a suit, but eventually, you will. It might be for a wedding, a funeral or a formal interview. Ask the professionals in the men’s department to help you find a conservative suit with a flattering cut for your frame, as well as a shirt and tie. If you get a second interview, buy a second dress shirt and tie to make your suit look totally different.

Casual long-sleeved shirts

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You can’t go wrong with a long-sleeved, button-down shirt. Roll the sleeves on warm days, and add a T-shirt underneath or sweater over it on cold days. This pairs nicely with jeans, Khakis or shorts.

Nice jeans

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Jeans come in numerous styles and colours. Find at least one pair of jeans that has a dark wash, no holes, and fits nicely in the hips and seat. Jeans like this can be worn in a casual work environment and will look good when out on a date. 

Polo shirts / Crew or V-neck T-shirts

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Polo shirts offer great versatility; you can wear them with jeans, Khakis or shorts to expand your wardrobe. Since most guys wear a T-shirt under polo or long-sleeved shirt, add a bit of colour to the layering pieces. Along with your standard white ones, consider black, royal blue or red T-shirts.

Dress shoes /belt/dress socks

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While you’re in the men’s department, ask for help buying dress shoes, matching belt and dress socks to go with your suit. Keep your shoes polished and clean for a smart look.

Now that you know the essential elements for your wardrobe, look for sales and find clothes that you can mix and match. In no time you’ll have a closet that is worthy to talk about.

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