All The Things KNUST Students Excel At Besides The ‘Sextape’ Tag We Give Them


Our beloved KNUST has been in the news for very mixed reasons, some good, others not so good, but the one thing we can all agree on is the fact that they are way ahead when it comes to sextapes amongst Ghanaian Universities. Because of the notoriety of their sextapes, we fail to see other areas they are single-handedly excelling in. Some of these areas include:


It is a known fact that a lot of debauchery goes on in universities but Tech students clearly win in this category. You can’t walk in the hallway of a floor without getting choked by the smell of fresh weed. The worst, (or best part, if you’re that kind of person) is that, there is no off time. You don’t get to choose what time to not smell weed. It’s on 24/7 in every hostel. It’s almost like it’s a requirement to gain residence in their hostels.


Because they are very removed from the capital (no offense, but you’re allowed to get mad) they don’t really get the chance to do a lot of these things, but when they do, they throw the livest parties ever, I don’t know if their hype machinery is very efficient or the students are just united and support each other in every venture instead of making their parties look like *cough* acid *cough* trip. Supporting each other is dope and Tech students excel at that.


Unnecessary Fashion

One other thing that KNUST students do very well is unnecessary faux high fashion. These guys just pick 12 colours at once and put all of it on like fuck it. The funniest part is you hardly ever see any of them wearing these things to where they are supposed to wear them to. You see a guy wearing a 3-piece suit to go to “Lattray” park. Why fam?


There is a difference between a favourite food and a food that you eat everyday because… economics, and my beloved Tech students love to eat gob3 for obvious reasons. *Hint, it’s not their favourite food. Some even have tricks to plentify the gob3. Like put it down for about an hour and pretend to be busy,then come back after an hour when the quantity increases. That’s about the only magic trick Tech people know. Don’t ask me how I knew this. It was research.
Sugar Daddies 

Apparently, sugar daddy culture is a budding field at the moment, and tech girls soon hope to overtake Legon girls in this division and I’m here for that.


However, we are not only going to focus on the negatives, Tech has a lot of dope photographers (see what I did there?) and when it comes to photography in the tertiary institutions, Tech photographers are the front runners when they are not luring girls into nude shoots. I really wish there were more other good things but this is the only one I could come up with for now.


  1. Are you a Technocrat or visitor on campus… I wonder why Julitta would just write falsely and think it’s cool, besides at the time of writing this school is not in session and there are visitor all over campus(Jackson training college,camp groups,etc.) If you don’t have sensible piece to write about KNUST just shut up and work on your Diploma in basic Education.

  2. This article is highly unnecessary and full of trash. Juilitta Gbagdo why don’t you focus on writing relevant articles that benefit this country. Such a disgrace.

  3. Just recently this platform published an article about cyberbullying and trolls. Writing silly articles like this is also trolling. Shameless


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