5 Hilarious Reasons Why Men Love It When Women Wear Their Clothes

  1. We know that men love it when girls wear their clothes, we just didn’t understand why. Then again, why do men do anything they do? So we took a little survey and results are truly fascinating.


Sexy – 90%


“It’s just so incredibly sexy, which is funny because as soon as I see her put it on, I have an irresistible urge to take it right off again” – @jonboi_Alberto


A whopping 90% of our male respondents said it was a turn on for them to see their women wearing their clothes.


Easy Access – 70%


“It dey give chance for quickie pass. If you den Madam dey club side dey jam, wey the atinka drop, we move. No be Exeter level kraa. This one be Canned Coke” – Snypa_CFC


Keen to remind us that men are trash, 70% of our respondents also said that they liked it for its practical purposes. It keeps the engine within arms reach for emergency purposes.


Romantic – 50%


“I guess there’s just something very Alpha male about it. It’s almost as if its her silent way of telling the world that she belongs to me. It’s a very effective ego massage” – Breezairr


Not departing from the theme that men are trash, we were treated to more trashiness by half of our respondents who didn’t think that women wearing men’s clothing did anything for the women. It was all “me-me-me-me-me”


Looks good on her – 30%


“I never really pay attention to am until I see say Rihanna do am. Funny that I’d think women look better in men’s clothes. Is that sexist?” – 90sReject


To others, they would prefer women wore male clothes. No need for them to buy their own clothes anymore. 


Free Laundry – 5%


“There’s nothing sexier than seeing the love of my life wearing my clothes. Because after that I know she will wash it” – Qwesylexys

Really??????????????? Hahaha



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