11 Ladies Share Their Worst Heartbreak Experiences With Us

Hello ladies, one way or the other, I know you have all suffered a heartbreak. Love is very sweet but immediately that guy shows you his true colours, you understand why your friend was shouting ‘men are trash’ the other time. We spoke to 10 girls who shared their heartbreak experiences with us and this is what they had to say.


He was sleeping with me while he was planning his wedding 

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I met this guy in a shop in Accra. We started talking for sometime and then we started dating. Of course he told me he was single and he never gave me any reason to doubt him. We had sex a couple of times because seriously why not. I loved him.

Some few weeks later, he updated his Facebook page with his wedding pictures. And here I am. Life is just a pot of beans.


He slept with me and my friend

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He was such an amazing fuck boy; the best you can get. We had a thing and we slept together a number of times. I actually fell in love, but I guess he wasn’t in love after all. All this while we were together, he wanted to eat my friend. He said he didn’t know how it happened, but he slept with my friend so I should forgive him, but once bitten, twice shy. I was so hurt, but that’s life.


He was married with a kid but told me he was single

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I was a third year student in KNUST at the time I met him. Because he was in Accra he came to Kumasi to visit me most of the time. It all ended when a lady called me one day to stay away from her husband. I was confused so I called him and to my surprise, he admitted he was married and told me he family was more important.


He took my money and got married in Kumasi.

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This is actually the worst experience of my life. We were dating o, for like a few months. Then he said he had gotten an opportunity to go to the US, but he’ll come for me in a few months. I mean, I was very sad about it but I believed it was good for our future. So when he said he spent all his money on visa, I gave him GHS 3000 to pay for his ticket. The next weekend, I was supposed to go for a friend’s wedding at Brong Ahafo, but I said it was too far so I told my friends to send me pictures.

The rest is history. My own U.S borga was using my GHS 3000 to marry my friend.


I spent so much money on him, but he was sleeping around.

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I gave him all that he wanted, even though I was a third year student. Name it; shirts, shoes, perfume and i even bought him the latest iPhone at the time. It was an iPhone 5s. All his Twitter boys were giving him fans. I even shopped for him each time I traveled to London, but none of it was enough for him to stay with me. One fine evening, I checked his phone and the messages I saw there. Ei. Never trust a man. Recently, he put up a picture of another lady on Facebook saying no girl was ever worth his love but her. I will be a good person to send a basket for all the things I bought for him.


I walked in on him in bed with another girl

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Opana told me earlier on he was at a friend’s place when I called to visit him. I wanted to go back to my hostel but then I decided to go to his room because I had another lecture the next hour and his hostel was close to campus, besides I was friends with his room mate too. I got to his room and knocked, only for him to open the door in his boxers,with the lady lying on the bed naked, covering herself with my cloth. I just took my cloth and left.


My heart was broken the one time I searched his phone.

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My boyfriend showed me a picture on his phone, and after that, I decided  to scroll through his pictures. He started acting all funny and uncomfortable because I was holding his phone, so immediately he was distracted by a friend, I went to his Whatsapp and typed the words ‘sex’ and ‘i love’ in his search space.

Spoiler alert. This doesn’t end well.


I don’t think I was his girlfriend, I was just his side chick

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I didn’t know I was his side chick, until I left him and stopped being childish. He wasn’t ready to buy anything for me or take me anywhere, all he wanted was sex. Every day, sex. Good morning, sex. Good evening, sex. Even goodbye kraa was sex. From the start I was blinded by “love”, but after some time, I knew I was just being foolish.


He left because I’m a virgin

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I don’t know how shameful it is to be a virgin nowadays but by first boyfriend left me because i was clean. I was cleaner than you can think. Nothing had ever entered my pumpum, no dildo, nothing. After some months of dating, he wanted to break my virginity but I wasn’t ready. All I wanted was for him to love me back. He broke up with me and told me my future husband is busily having sex now so I should stop being childish.


He just changed 

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My boyfriend’s attitude changed all of a sudden. I felt something was wrong but I couldn’t just figure out what it was. He stopped asking me to come over. He even stopped calling me like he used to. Finally, I knew everything was over when I lied naked beside him and he didn’t even touch me. You should see me to understand what I’m saying. He just turned his back and faced the wall.



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