This Made Us Laugh So Hard !! These 2000’s Fashion Trends Should Never Ever Ever Come Back!!!


It is what it is.

We visibly cringe when we see old pictures of ourselves wearing somethings we thought were so fashionable. Then again, they were… during that time.

We don’t know about you but when we see some old pictures we scream, “What are thoooosee?!!” Lmao! We hope these pictures jog your memory and remind you of those dark, dark times.

Charm bracelets

Image result for plastic charm bracelets

They had to be plastic too!! *deep sigh* What made matters worse was the fact that it was never just one plastic bracelet. Your wrist and lower arms had to be covered halfway up to your elbows.

Tunics on jeans

Tunics over jeans

Question. Are tunics dresses? Are they dresses? Why were we wearing them?

Abortion belts

Need we say more? They weren’t even plain. They had to have sparkles or spikes and shine so bright.

Plastic sandals

Image result for brown jelly sandals

Tbh, they were adorable but Charley, it hurts to walk in them.

Platform flip flops

Image result for Platform flip flops

This made us laugh out loud! Whyyyyy?? Why were we doing this to ourselves? What was the inspiration behind this?!!

Capri pants

Image result for capri pants trending in 2001

Are they shorts? Are they trousers? What are these???

Show your stomach

Image result for show your back tops trending in 2001

We refuse to say anything about this trend.

Bandana shirts

Image result for badana tops trending in 2001

This is a trap and we aren’t falling it. We won’t comment on this trend, please. Sigh.

Livestrong bracelets

Image result for livestrong bracelets

We are sure you didn’t even know that that was its name but honestly, do you remember how everyone used to wear these?

Low rise jeans

Image result for african 2000s fashion trends


Guys! These should definitely not come back!!!

Bootcut jeans

Image result for Bootcut jeans trending in 2001

As for this one, everyone wore some including you and you cannot even lie about it.

Lol, guys! We just went down fashion memory lane and we sure hope it was fun for you as it was fun for us.

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