Nostalgic Feeling – Here Are Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Cartoons As An Adult

Back when we were kids, we loved watching cartoons. We would get very angry if our parents didn’t allow us to watch our favourite on the television. Sometimes, we would even skip extra classes to watch a cartoon.

Generally, if an adult watches a cartoon, he is laughed at by his family or friends and asked if he is still a kid. Society deems adults who watch cartoons as childish and immature. But!! We have found a counter-argument, here are five reasons you have to watch or start watching cartoons.

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We finally get all the jokes

If you’ve seen the original Madagascar, Marty the zebra occasionally exclaims “Sugar Honey Iced Tea!” As children, this means nothing to us. As adults, we know that the first letter of each word spells out a not-so-kid-friendly term. And that knowledge alone is some level of awesomeness.

They remind us of our childhood

When an adult watches cartoons, he feels that he regains his childhood, being able to relive the best moments. Sometimes because he had a beautiful childhood or because he has a difficult childhood. Either way, he wants to go back in time. When one is a child, one identifies with the characters of the cartoons

Easy to Enjoy

When you watch a movie, you want to see good performances, a good script and a good direction. When you watch cartoons, you do not demand any of that, you just want to relax and enjoy.

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Stress Reliever

Firstly, cartoons are the best stress reliever. If you are completely stressed out, switch on your TV and watch some Tom and Jerry. Within a matter of minutes, you will feel relaxed. Watch the animated series of Mr. Bean or the Tom and Jerry.

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We can relate to the life lessons

Those who watch cartoons have a lot of cartoon lessons. The lessons that an adult learns through the animations are very useful in real life, and they can be applied as practical solutions to various problems. Cartoons show the right path ahead to those who want to enter into their love life or those who do not know how to impress a girl of their choice. There are many life lessons.

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So get on the ride with us and let’s start watching some animations whenever we get the chance.


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