A.I Can Siiiiing Charle!! Here Are 6 Eargasmic Times A.I Proved He’s The Secret Ingredient To Any Dope Song

Everyone loves a good singer and here in Ghana, AI is definitely one of those artistes who stops you in your tracks anytime you hear their voice.

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Today, he and EL dropped a single titled Adwuma and hearing him sing reminded us of that unique voice that gives us chills every time!

So we looked back… how many times has this guy killed it on a feature?

Countless times!

But let’s take our top 5

Vision Dj ft A.I – Grind 

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This song was what got more people wondering who he is!!! Grind gave us that iconic “Wherever the party dey we step clean” line and we are still jamming to the track years after its release.

Trigmatic, Worlasi, M.anifest – My Life Remix

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This song is nothing short of spiritual and his voice as an addition was just perfect.

Trigmatic, A.I – Motromodwo

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This songggg!!!!! Best song Trigmatic and A.I have ever made in our opinion! It’s so authentic, it’s timeless and it’s what we would call proper music!!

Jayso, A.I – Making Tasha Proud 

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A.I’s voice on this song was all it needed to become a special song!!

Kojo-Cue, A.I –  Tsioo Benke Mi

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We don’t know how many of you have heard this song but it’s AMAZING!! Kojo Cue’s verses and A.I’s ad-libs and chorus…the perfect love song!

Obrafour, Trigmatic, A.I – Love Anthem

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We already know Trigmatic and A.I equals magic but both of them on a track with Obrafuor was just special!

A.I clearly adds something special and authentic to a song and we really can’t have enough of his music!

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