Yvonne Nelson Shares Her Story Of How A Telco Dropped Her From A Campaign Because She Was 6 Months Pregnant

Yvonne Nelson, Ryn Roberts

Today, the online conversation is being led by the story of the Kenyan Member of Parliament who was kicked out of their parliamentary chamber for bringing her five months baby old to work.

According to the Kenyan MP, Zuleika Hassan, she was ordered to leave Parliament after she brought her baby to work because of a domestic emergency and that parliament didn’t have a creche.

However, according to the house rules, “strangers” are not allowed into the chamber, children included.

Since the story hit social media, it sparked a conversation of the treatment of women at the workplace.

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Award-winning actress, Yvonne Nelson is one of the millions of social media users who have joined the conversation.

Yvonne took to Instagram to share her own personal story where she felt she lost a job because she was 6 months pregnant with her daughter, Ryn Roberts.

“I’ll tell you mine, a telecommunication company dropped me because I came clean and told them I was pregnant,” she started.

“They wanted me to shoot an ad, told them I had 3 months more to go and assured them I could come to work right after!” Yvonne added.

However, to her surprise, Yvonne said “the lady who called didn’t even say congrats she said ‘ sorry Yvonne, the dynamics will change’.”

According to Yvonne, the feedback from the lady hurt her adding that “I was broken! All these and more made me stronger!!”

She went on to add that “I’M PROUD TO BE A MOTHER!!!! Best decision ever! I will forever WIN!!!!! #proudmum #woman #africa.”

A conversation has started and we’re curious to find out where it will lead to.

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