It’s Not Just About Making Beats Anymore! For Now, These Are The 6 Mind Borsting Producers Who Have Dropped Singles/Albums/EPs These Past Months


Every time a song hits, we give all the fans to the artistes and forget that the reason why the body of work bops is because of the beat that is laid down!!

Your head would have nothing to bump to if the producer didn’t do his magic right?

Thankfully, there’s a new trend. Okay, maybe not that new but now, we see producers dropping songs and albums and EPs and… they don’t have to sing or rap but this time, they get to own the track and get recognized!

Kuvie, Hammer, Appietus, Dj Mic Smith and more have been doing this for some time now and this year, so far, these are are the albums and singles by producers that we definitely love!

Guilty Beatz – Pilolo

Image result for guilty beatz pilolo

We know Guiltybeatz is one hell of a producer and after giving us Akwaaba with Mr Eazi, Patapaa and Pappy Kojo, Pilolo this year made some pretty big waves!! He’s giving us serious dance tunes and we can’t wait for more!

Juls – Colours

Image result for Juls album

We always look forward to Juls’s albums. He always brings together the dopest most unique artistes to create a sound. The drums, the African feel to his projects is what makes us swoon every single time!

Moor Sound

Image result for moor sound kiddblack

Moor Sound teamed up with La meme’s Kiddblack to give us that joint hip-hop EP with the long ass title that kind of gave a poetic effect to the very short EP.

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Nxwrth – Rage Into The Good Night

Image result for nxwrth for the kids

Nxwrth’s first project and he killed it!! He’s always referred to his style as out of this world and we agree! This album introduced him to us on a more personal level and we completely enjoyed.

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Dj Breezy – Guy Guy

Image result for Dj Breezy Mugeez Joey B

Dj Breezy dropped this really fun song with Mugeez and Joey B and we looove it!! It’s such a silly song we definitely ENJOYED it!!

Paq – Etormi

Image result for Paq etormi

Another fun song that is so relatable we are still jamming to it!!! The video too was just perfect!!!

We are looking forward to more projects from producers cos…it’s time right? Time for producers to be in the spotlight too!!

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