Guys!! Take Notes Please And Don’t Become A Victim Of The Fashion Police By Making These Style Mistakes!


We know the general things like ironing your clothes before wearing them, they should fit and also they shouldn’t be stained.

Apart from these, there are other mistakes we keep making without realising it and we are going to focus on the guys in this article.

Wearing dress shirts untucked

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Please tuck in your dress shirt. Dress shirts are designed with extra length precisely so that they don’t come untucked. We get it that wearing the shirt untucked in a casual setting is okay but if you’re pairing that with dress shoes forget it.

Baggy dress shirt

Dress Shirt Too Baggy

A dress shirt that’s too large will make you look fatter, frumpier, and stumpier. Simply put, it’s not a good look. Right now there are a lot of affordable dress shirt options available that satisfy the needs of any man’s body type so there’s no excuse for an ill-fitting dress shirt.

Buttoning too many jacket buttons

Buttoning too Many Buttons

First of all, don’t ask us why the bottom button is there if it’s not meant to be buttoned. You need to be comfortable and move naturally so leave the bottom button if you’re wearing a two or three-button suit.

Very long trousers

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They make you look shorter, sloppy and is outdated. Send it to your tailor, please.

Wearing white athletic socks

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Face it — deep within your heart, you know you really shouldn’t be wearing something you wear when exercising with a suit. Get some classic black or brown dress socks — or better yet, put on some fun, colourful pairs that show a bit more personality

Which other mistake did we leave out?

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