Check Out The Most Versatile Actor Tom Hanks And Ten(10) Of His Movies


If we ever had the man with the most epic movies and blockbusters, then it should be Tom Hanks.

From Animation to war movies you definitely will find a Tom Hanks Movie.

He finds himself in the most disturbing situations in movie scenes either he is being held hostage or caught up in the midst.

  • Toy Story 1,2,3,4

Voice Of Woody

Image result for toy story 1,2,3,4

  • Catch Me If You can

Image result for catch me if you can

  • Inferno

Image result for inferno

  • The Polar Express

Voice of The Conductor

Image result for polar express tom hanks


  • The Hologram For The King

Image result for The Hologram For The King


  • Cast Away

Image result for cast away

  • Captain Philips

Image result for captain phillips

  • Saving Private Ryan

Image result for saving private ryan

  • Bridge Of Spies

Image result for bridges of spies

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