#ScreenShot: Kuulpeeps.com Condemns Cyberbullies Who Attacked Personalities Featured In Its Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign Video

It is perhaps the most ironic thing to ever happen…

Earlier today, Kuulpeeps.com as part of our corporate social responsibility launched an anti-cyberbullying campaign.

This is an effort by us to make social media a little safe for all of us.

Social media is a community and all of us are basically neighbours online. That is the more reason why we need to be one another’s keeper instead of always going at each other.

The cutthroat life that has become the norm on social media platforms such as Twitter is unsafe and literally stops people from living their truth and being who they are.

For fear of being bullied or harassed online, people keep their opinions to themselves – they choose not to live their best life because its safer for their mental health to stay out of sight than to be a subject of online bashing.

When we were working on this anti-cyberbullying campaign we chose to call #ScreenShot, one thing that was at the back of our mind was what would be the best possible way to communicate our message.

As a result, we reached out to a number of individuals who out of the kindness of their hearts volunteered to help us push our anti-cyberbullying agenda by featuring in a campaign video.

Hoping that when we release the video it will embolden others to speak up against cyberbullying, the reverse happened.

Both Kuulpeeps.com and the kind individuals who are helping us with this campaign have become a subject of vicious attacks online.

Kuulpeeps.com in no uncertain terms condemn the attack on the individuals featured in our cyberbullying promotional video.

We apologise to the individuals involved and we hope they have the mental strength to withstand the attack they are facing online.

It’s almost as though we are losing faith in our shared humanity, however, we are also humbled by the hundreds of positive messages well-meaning people have sent to us and to those featured in our promotional video.

Let’s keep the candlelight burning, let’s keep hope alive.

Our fight against cyberbullying and harassment will not end today.

Remember – Words are weapons, be careful how you shoot them!

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